Ad Critique: Domino's Cheesy Boloroni

Product:Cheesy Boloroni
Agency: Contract Advertising

Storyboard: The new TVC is to launch Cheesy Boloroni, a pizza packed with layers of cheese and macaroni pasta.The TVC opens in a hotel room in Goa, which has a young, newly married couple in Goa, evident from the new bride chooras on the hands of the girl. They are eating a Cheesy Boloroni pizza and the girl manages to drop some macaroni on her tshirt, she eats it off her tshirt and confesses that she loves macaroni. We realise that this is a couple which has had an arranged marriage and are only just finding out things about each other. The girl starts opening up about herself to her new husband, telling him that she's a tom boy at heart, she's entered a boys hostels, has teased the boys there and has even seen 'those' films. The husband is very amused and confesses he'd rather spend time learning more about her than exploring Goa. The TVC concludes with a voice over which says, about the Cheesy Boloroni pizza: ‘Iska mazaa lene main time lagega; mathlab rishton ko bolne ka aur time milega’. This is followed by the Domino's sign off ‘Yeh hai rishton ka time’.

Gyaan:  According to a Domino's spokesperson, the new TVC talks about enjoying a pizza at leisure with a loved one, and making a meal a leisurely experience where conversations happen. The newly weds were shown as using the leisurely pizza meal to actually getting to know each other, for relaxing with each other and losing the formality in their relationship with each other. Also, Domino's is trying to substitute pizza as a valid meal option in the Indian mindset.

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