Abby 2007

'Big Boss' Of The Advertising World Is Here
After 39 successful shows, Abby is all set to showcase its grand 40th episode. Two months away from its telecast on March 3, at the Turf Club, the Abby has already taken the 'stars' of the advertising world under its arrest. Excitement, anticipation, suspense, curiosity… the Abby has it all! So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a rock show! And now, for the first time, Get ready to click on' the Abby entry form on

It's time to mark March 3 on your calendar. The Lord of the Awards is arriving and you don’t want to be missing the adrenaline rush! The glamour, magic and glory of the ABBY AWARD is going to have its 40th encore at the plush, open air premises of the Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalaxmi. This time, we vow to make the ABBY AWARD night even more sparkling. So, mark your presence!

Kalpana Rao, President, Ad Club Bombay

The Abby, in my mind, is a festival for all the Indian advertising people. I love the excitement and the spirit that goes with the Abbys. The organisation of the Abbys is an integral part of the Ad Club activity. It is huge. However, I also find that the EFFIEs and the EMVIEs are growing bigger and bigger. They, too, like the Abby are demanding much of our resources.

This year, I wanted to bring about some change in the ABBY AWARD. I was keen that the Abby involves and connects even more with the younger breed of Indian advertising. I hope to achieve this objective with the introduction of the Young Abbys this year. The Abby occupies a place of prestige in the industry today. To prove this, one only has to look at the market place. Just look at a few resumes of creative directors and you will see 'Abby' prominently figuring there.

The young Abby is a category that will make its debut entry this year. So, now all those below the age of 30 do not need to wait till their hair develop the proverbial salt and pepper shade, to bag their first Abby. The Abby has just got younger! So, if you think that you have it in you, stop staring and go for the grabs! Enter the Abby and work on a brief that will change the way the world looks at you!


  • 'Ambient Media' makes its grand entry into the Abby show
  • 'Film Craft' gets a new sub category - 'Cinematography'
  • 'Print Craft' gets 2 new sub-categories - 'Copy Writing' and 'Art Direction'
  • No jury panel will have more than 1 or 2 judges from the same agency and the open participatory judging system will be continued

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