Ad Club Awards

The EMVIEs introduced by the Advertising Club Bombay last year honoursmeasurable and significant contributions in the field of media.

Recognition of efforts is what motivates an individual. And for anindustry that thrives on motivation, the Ad Club has initiated variousawards to ensure that Indian ad professionals receive the recognitionthey deserve. The ABBY Awards are the Oscars of Indian ad awards to honour creative excellence in advertising. To know more, click here.

The EFFIEs: Realising a distinctive need to recognise effectiveness in advertising,Ad Club started the AdWorks Seminar in 1987. Since creativity inadvertising was honoured by the ABBYs, Ad Club breathed a new life into what had become a lame series of seminar... Want to know more? Click here.

Effie 2017 Entry Form

Emview 2015 - Entry Form

Final EMVIEs 2017